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Tijou Gates at Petworth

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Cumbria Estate

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The Estate Office, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0DU 

Tel.  01798 342502

The Estate Office, Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9EU 

Tel.  01228 527586 and 01900 823472


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The Leconfield Estates

Gog and the Grand Entrance to Petworth House
Porches at Egremont Row Petworth
Grove Lane Petworth

The Leconfield Estates is a private traditional agricultural landed estate in West Sussex centred around Petworth House (a National Trust property), and in Cumbria centred around Cockermouth Castle.  The Estates are in the ownership of Lord Egremont and his family.

Activities on the Estate include the letting of farms, residential and commercial property, fishing and other country pursuits, farming, and forestry.  Maintenance of the buildings on the Sussex Estates is by the in-house maintenance team.   There are more than 20 let farms, a Home Shoot and seven let shoots on the rest of the Estate.  There is also a commercial sand pit, a small Industrial Estate and other commercial premises, a number of coarse and trout lakes as well as river fishing and 280 cottages and houses. 

The Manor of Petworth has been held by the current owners who are descendents of the Percy family, since 1150. Today the Sussex Estate amounts to some 14,000 acres and consists of a number of let farms and a large stock of houses and cottages, mostly built in the 19th century to house estate staff.  Petworth House and Park were given to the National Trust in 1947.  The Estates were inherited by the present Lord Egremont, a writer, in 1972.  He and his family still live in Petworth House which is open to the public 5 days a week during the summer.  The Park is open to the public every day.

Lord Egremont's books are published under the name Max Egremont.

The Cumbria Estates amount to about 3,000 acres in and around Cockermouth and Egremont.  Here there are a number of let farms, a handful of cottages, excellent salmon fishing, quarries, minerals and amenity land.

The Sussex Estate is managed from the Estate Office in the centre of Petworth, where the resident agents, Savills, and the Estate team will be pleased to deal with all enquiries.  The Cumbria Estate is managed from the Estate Office at Cockermouth Castle, and by Savills from their Carlisle office.